Antique Blue

Antique Blue Limestone is an elegant bluish-green colored stone which gives stellar look to your buildings and other constructions. It has gained its popularity for its use mainly in the construction of Pathways, Corridors, Footpaths, Paving and even for the Interiors. Antique Blue is appreciated for its very Low Price and Long Life comparative to other stones with similar use. It is extremely hard wearing stone and is ideal for use in high traffic areas of the home, as well as areas where resistance to staining is important. The versatility of Antique Blue Limestone, together with its mechanical strengths, resistance to pollution as well as its range of eye-catching finishes and effects makes it the ideal contemporary architectural and building medium. Its hassle free maintenance makes it the most preferred among other stones of the same family.

Available Product:
Flagstone, Coping & Riser

Available Sizes: 12×24,18×24,24×24,24×36

Coping: 12″x48″ & 14″x48″

Suitable for Patios, Pathway, Pools, Porches & Driveways

Custom order available upon request

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