Hampton Blue Pavers

Our Hampton Blue Pavers provide the highest standard in quality and class. Hampton Blue is cut and torched to provide a flat, non-slip surface, making it a great option for pool decks, patios, and walkways. The variegated style offers gently varying hues of brown, gold, lavender, and green. Place our Dark Hampton Blue around the pool or in the backyard to enhance your outdoor living space, walkway or landscape.

Available Products: Flagstone, Steps, Coping & Edge Paver;

Available Sizes: Custom Size

Flagstone: 12×12,12×18,18×18, 12×24, 18×24, 24×24, 24×36

Steps & Coping: 12″ & 14″ wide and 4′ long

Riser: 07x36x25mm

Face: Flammed

Suitable for: Patios, Pathway, Driveway, Pools