Jet Black

The possibilities in porcelain are endless with Worldwide Stone Outdoor porcelain tiles with 20mm thickness. Their potential applications
quadruple and acquire a new dimension. Banking on an innovative product full of character, Worldwide Stone having 20mm thick porcelain
tile with excellent quality, produced in the versatile 60×30(12×24), 60X60(24×24), 60X90(24×36) formats. Its special thickness ensures an excellent
resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal products for both commercial and residential outdoor areas from Walkways, Porches, terraces, hotels,
restaurants and public spaces.

Without renouncing to designs or style, this new collection for the most requested aesthetics that emulate the natural elegance of
the stone, wood and the sobriety of the cement transmitted in a thicker product. Thus, new range of porcelain products brings
continuity to space allowing original combination between the interior and exterior areas. Spaces full of character and strength with
the new Worldwide Stone 20mm out door porcelain.

Available Products: Flagstone

Available Sizes: 12×24, 24×24 & 24×36

Thickness: 20mm

Suitable For: Patios, Porches, Pathway, Pools & Driveay.

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